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 Server Rules (READ)

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Server Rules (READ) Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules (READ)   Server Rules (READ) EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 3:26 pm

1. Asking for Staff

This is not allowed. When we say that we are in need of staff members then you shall apply in the Staff Applications section. If positions are closed then you are not allowed to ask any staff member to become one whatsoever.

2. Threatening or revealing someone's personal details

This is strictly prohibited, do not play a tough guy on our server, we do not care if you can hack or kill someone. If you'd like to do this please move to a server which allows this.

3. Offensive Language

Swearing on the server, or saying any other kind of disrespectful words is not accepted here. It may create drama, wars, ect. We are a community that respects each others. Mutes will be given. If you don't stop, ipmutes will be given.

4. Item Scamming

Hacking other items or even other accounts' items may result in an ipban (for big cases) or a simple temporary ban (considering it was a small case). If you are in a trade and you don't know real prices, always ask someone, so you don't get hacked or scammed by someone.

5. Password Scamming

Hacking other accounts will result in an ipban. If you know someone's other password, tell the person or tell an owner so he can change his password safely. Always keep your password secret and make it hard so nobody knows it.

6. Staff Impersonation

You cannot say or act like a moderator. To do that, you must be one.

7. Account Sharing or Trading

Account sharing is prohibited, because it can create hacking or wars. We need to avoid hacking here. Account trading is not accepted aswell. You cannot trade your account for RuneScape GP or GP here on server. This will be a ban or ipban.

8. Macroing or use of Third-Party Software

Botting, autoclicking, autotyping, or any other kind of bot is prohibited. This will result in an ipban.

9. Encouraging Others to Break Rules

If someone tells you "do this and we'll get so many rsgp" or any other encouraging other players to break rules, don't do it. It could result in a ban or ipban.

10. Advertising

Advertising will result in a ban. If you always autoclick it, ipban will be given. You cannot advertise any site or server whatsoever.

11. Real World Trading

This rules applies with objects or money you would send in real life for an account on here. You cannot do it, because it brings trouble.

12. Racism/Discrimination

Racism or Discrimination is prohibited, please refrain from attacking other people's religions or insulting someone because of their skin color.

13. Bug/Glitch Abuse

Bug/Glitch abuse is not allowed here. If you get experiences faster, noclip (examples), tell an owner and report the bug. If you still continue glitching/exploiting a bug, you will be ipbanned.

On a side note...

Luring is allowed. Do not complain or report anyone if you get lured in the wilderness. Be aware that no one is your friend in the wilderness, also remember that the KBD area is a PK Zone.
Remember that you cannot lure Administrators because they will not lose anything in the wilderness, and if you somehow die, you will have to blame yourself. As far as I know Administrators are not even allowed to PK due to this.

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Server Rules (READ)
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