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 More Suggestions :P

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More Suggestions :P Empty
PostSubject: More Suggestions :P   More Suggestions :P EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 9:01 pm

- Mage Arena Kolodion, with ability to wear god capes and god staffs.

- Brimhaven agility course with tickets ( Tickets can be exchnaged for rewards )

- Crystal Keys ( Bosses and Monsters drop half keys who can combine to one key )

- Small Quests with small rewards ( including a starter quest for lower newcomers )

- Decreased starter package, 500k is alot and people make many acc's to trade. ( The 2 stater packages per ip thing doesnt work, i tested it. )

- Gem ores at Shilo Village that give Uncut / Cut Gems

- Remove Rune Defender from Barabrian Assault so more people will do Warriors Guild Minigame

- Make Dragon Defender a more Rare drop

- Combo Runes ( Mud, Lava, Mist etc )

- Make Nezzy a boss Drop and remove from shop

- Give Korasi a better shop price because when u pk, it has a value of 1 coin so u keep anything else over it

- Small Quest to be able able to access Gate of War for Dungeoneering

- Remove the Random Drops on death ( like Ceramic Remains, Bags of Salt, Manta Rays etc )

- Score board at home area

- Make-over mage at home area
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More Suggestions :P
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