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 Multiple Suggestions :P

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Multiple Suggestions :P Empty
PostSubject: Multiple Suggestions :P   Multiple Suggestions :P EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 1:57 am

- Remove Home2 portal since there wud be no use for the donator command : ::home2

- Fully working Hunter and Construction ( or as best as u can :p. As long as its not something u just spam on to level up )

- Corporal Beast

- Warning on Donations list that that the 3 skills remove u from highscores with choice to take the skills or not.

- Ladder in Wilderness Agility course that teleports u back to home

- Small Quest for Ancient and Lunar spells ( atleast a little challenge to unlock them )

- More Fancy items in fancy shop ( Desert Boots, Cook Gloves, capes, etc.. )

- Decreased drop rate of Charms ( just a little since they are too common )

- Treasure Trails ( Google it Razz )

- Delete Giant Stove thing in Edgeville

- Make Jad minigame a bit more challenging, too easy to obtain fire cape

- Nex or Queen Black Dragon ( new hard bosses with great drops )

- Add Ladder to teleport home at chaos elemental

- Remove Bob from home area and place him in skilling Area

- Old school Rares ( i can give u more info on this in-game )

- Smaller Npc's to train on since exp rate is down, like this there will be tons of new added monsters to train on and more drops ( items )
Talk to me in-game about this, i have LOADS of ideas for it Smile
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Mod Shadow

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Multiple Suggestions :P Empty
PostSubject: Re: Multiple Suggestions :P   Multiple Suggestions :P EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 2:18 am

good suggestions! we will work on them one by one Smile

Mod Shadow-Co-owner
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Multiple Suggestions :P
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