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 Project Gold Staff Team

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Mod Gold
Mod Gold

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Project Gold Staff Team Empty
PostSubject: Project Gold Staff Team   Project Gold Staff Team EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 9:34 pm

Project Gold Owner
-Mod Gold

Project Gold Co-Owner
-Mod Shadow

Project Gold Head Administrator
-Mod Nick

Project Gold Administrator(s)
-Mod John

Project Gold Hidden Enforcer

Player Moderator(s)
-Your Dead557

Ranks Explained:

Server Hidden Enforcer - He can be anyone, he is a normal player doing what regular players do, but has the same privileges as an administrator and is mainly there to clean autoers and rule-breakers without being noticed.
Server Moderators - Regular Players with a silver crown. Is there to maintain order in the server and just play regularly.
Server Administrators - Power-hungry monsters, you know them.
Server Head Administrator - Maintains the Administrator Team. Got anything against an Administrator? Message this guy.
Server Co-Owner - The server's second owner, has the same privileges as the owner.
Server Owner - Owner of the server, nothing more to explain.
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Project Gold Staff Team
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